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The Urban Transcripts Journal

We launched The Urban Transcripts Journal in Spring 2017 as an independent, not-for-profit, open-access publication, driven by a vision of an open and public exchange of knowledge and ideas on urban development in response to the challenges our cities are facing.

Building on a international community of editors, editorial board members, reviewers and contributors, the journal aims to unravel the complexity of the City through a synergy of verbal and visual content. Our core mission is to advance a multitude of knowledges of the City, formulated through creative media, research inquiry, urban design and planning practice. We are particularly committed to promoting original work by young researchers, professionals, and creatives, including postgraduate and PhD students.

Beyond the traditional article format we publish work in a variety of formats and media bringing together peer-reviewed research, design and policy proposals, activist and community voices, visual arts and creative writing, in a critical and analytical discourse on the city created by the strength of a diversity of perspectives from the Global North and the Global South – urban transcripts where the arts and the sciences of the city complement and confront one-another.
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