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Cultural Creative Spaces and Cities: Urban Regeneration Knowledge Base

Urban regeneration is a broad and multi-faceted issue; it brings together multiple stakeholders and actors across governance levels and professional disciplines of city making. It impacts on us all; the socio-economic changes it brings are never contained within a space, or set of spaces, nor with a specific time, but impact on the relationships of people to the places they live work and play.

We were commissioned by the trans-European network of cultural actors Trans Europe Halles to lead the foundational work for the development of a knowledge base on urban regeneration across Europe, with a particular focus on culture- and citizen-led approaches to the socially and environmentally just regeneration of former industrial sites. Towards this project, we have undertaken an extensive review and analysis of more than 100 resources on urban regeneration across Europe, including specific place-based projects and programmes as well as relevant actors, initiatives, and policies. We equally worked on the development of the conceptual and technical framework of the knowledge base as an open-access platform. Part of this work included a short paper on urban regeneration in Europe providing an overview of key issues and challenges as well as key leanings and recommendations for policy and practice.

Cultural Creative Spaces & Cities


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