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Cultural Creative Spaces and Cities: Timișoara Urban Lab, Ambasada

How can we advance a more participatory process of urban development? What are the means to enable communities to engage in meaningful way with local urban policies, intiatives, and projects?

We have explored these questions with urban development stakeholders, including representatives from city local government, cultural associations, youth organisations, state agency for cultural heritage. Workshops, interviews, meetings, site visits, were held over a 6 month period, in order to map the room for manoeuvre towards citizen participation among the formal and informal processes of urban development. Proposals were generated in community workshops, pathways to change were identified including new local policies, social impact assessment tools, community-led spatial mapping and occupation, neighbourhood-level strategies.

Cultural Creative Spaces & Cities


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  1. Mapping likes and dislikes
  2. Scoring what matters
  3. What matters, analysing the city
  4. Workshop in Ambasada, Timișoara, Romania, October 2019
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    Timișoara, Romania

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    Cultural Creative Spaces & Cities / CreativeEurope programme

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